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Waterloo (18 Jun 1815) with Hugh Macdonald-Buchanan

128 minutes

'The nearest run thing you ever saw in your life' The Duke of Wellington

1.Intro 2. Lead up to the Campaign (2:07) 3. Commanders (9:17) 4. Weapons (30:37) 5. Lead up to the Battle (41:16) 6. The Battle of Waterloo (58:20) 7. Key Moments/Hot Points (1:49:20) 8. Troops, Tactics and Tech (1:52:50) 9. Individuals in Action (1:58:58) 10. Conclusion and Aftermath

Today we are going to talk about the famous Battle of Waterloo which took place on 18thJune 1815 just south of Brussels. This was the finale, the culminating contest between Napoleon and his reconstituted French Army after his escape from exile on Elba, and the British and the nations of the 7th Alliance, most notably the Prussians. It was a vicious and bloody day with more than 20,000 causalities on the Alliance side and more than 40,000 on the French. To gain a true understanding of something as complex as a battle, a visit to the site is paramount. Today we give you the next best thing. I have with me an historian and expert on the Napoleonic period, who has taken many lecture tours to Napoleonic battlefields, and especially Waterloo.

and so it goes,

Tom Assheton & James Jackson


Hugh Macdonald-Buchanan

Face of Battle by John Keegan

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