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Secret Police

49 minutes


1. Spanish Inquisition 2. Chinese 3. French Revolution 4. Cheka – KGB - FSB 5. Nazi - Stasi 6. Third World PS The Chinese future

Tyrannies require their servants, and none are more obedient and loyal than the secret police. These are the instruments off oppression and control, the guarantor of regime continuity. Using torture and terror – and with the coercive instruments of state control – they ensure that opponents disappear and criticism is silenced. You will never find secret police in a democracy. As guardians of tyranny, they are more than just intelligence agencies and it is the domestic population that is their target. They pry into private lives and pervert the politics of the state; their instruments range from blackmail to torture, and fear always pervades their activities. In East Germany, the Stasi drove people mad with their subtle psychological games, whilst in Haiti corpses were hung as a voodoo ritual in the trees.

Terror is everywhere and the Secret Police is its executor.

So it goes,

Tom Assheton & James Jackson

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