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Pickaxe - Secret Sites & Sunken Silos, #16 of 100 Bloody Objects

47 minutes

Hi ho hi ho and off to work we go

1. The Big Reveal 2. Command Bunkers 3. Tunnels and Hidden Holes 4. Spy Bases 5. Secret Airstrips 6. Summary & Postscript

Secret sites have often intrigued. From the bunkers of despots to guerrilla tunnels and underground routes, the subterranean lairs of history sometimes emerge by mistake, redundance or military victory. Most governments have bomb-proof shelters, whether it is the granite-bound command station of Russian leaders in the Urals or the American Presidential facilities in the situation room beneath the White House. Some look remarkably like the famous war room in the Doctor Strangelove movie but others have adopted a more mundane appearance.

There will always be a nook for commanders and despots. For some it will be the site of their final stand. Then there are the spy bases and secret airfields dotted about the globe. One day perhaps they will fall into disuse and simple become novelty home in far flung places. A few people seem to yearn to live below ground in a disused missile silo in Arkansas.

So it goes,

Tom Assheton & James Jackson

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