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48 minutes

'Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds'

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23 minutes

Aggression, Endurance, Recreation. Jamie and Tom discuss the long standing use of narcotics by soldiers in warfare. #2 of our '100 Bloody Objects'

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19 minutes

A Hail of Bullets. We discuss Hiram Maxim's Machine Gun in the first of our '100 Bloody Objects'

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64 minutes

Sharpen your sabre and dust off your jodhpurs, Jamie and Tom discuss the Cavalry Charge, its enduring glamour, but more importantly its effectiveness in war

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50 minutes

Watch out Adolf they're coming for you ... Tom and Jamie discuss the various plots to assassinate Hitler, before and during the war. Images can be found on our website or instagram feed

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7 minutes

Tom Assheton and James Jackson talk about their new podcast series Bloody Violent History. The first 2 episodes will be uploaded on 1st September and thereafter one episode every 2 weeks

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