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Mount Tabor - Crazy Cults, to Insanity and Beyond, #14 of 100 Bloody Objects

52 minutes

"the lunatics have taken over the asylum"

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1. Cults Ancient & Modern. 2. Types of Cult. 3. Cult Leaders and the Cult of Personality. ps. The Moonies.

Cults have always been with us. From predatory sex cults, through Cargo cults and on to cults-like terrorist organisations, these strange and remote bodies prey on the weak, the credulous, and the stupid. Whether Jim Jones or Osama bin Laden, there have always charismatic leaders who can inspire or coerce their followers. And some of them aren’t even charismatic! Yet they all have a message and one even managed to convince followers that he was a fallen angel who could only be kept alive through having regular sex with young women. A ghastly bunch of conmen.

So it goes

Tom Assheton and James Jackson

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Readings by David Harley from Aleister Crowley's book of the Law

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