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Maxim's Plaque - The Machine Gun, #1 of 100 Bloody Objects

19 minutes

A Hail of Bullets. We discuss Hiram Maxim's Machine Gun in the first of our '100 Bloody Objects'

When Hiram Maxim built and patented the world’s first single-barrel automatic machinegun, few saw its potential. Yet within a few years it had proved its worth in colonial battles such as Bembezi, Shangani River and Omdurman. Still military high commands refused to embrace its lethality.

Come the Great War and its devastating effect on ranks of advancing infantry, the machinegun won its spurs and a notorious place in history. Today, automatic weapons are taken for granted. Maxim’s invention, and that of the earlier Gatling, retain their place in the arsenal.

So it Goes

Tom Assheton & James Jackson

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