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Kidnap of General Kreipe, Patrick Leigh Femor, Crete, Feb to May 1944 with Rick Stroud

73 minutes

The True Story of the Abduction of a Nazi General

We examine an iconic event from World War Two carried out by Greek and British members of the Special Operations Executive. The SOE. To help me with this is I am joined by Rick Stroud. Rick, a director of film and television, has also published a number of books, mostly within the military sphere. His latest, Lonely Courage, is the true story of SOE heroines in WW2. As some of you know we published our own episode on Twentieth Century Heroines last year (that being Episode 11).

In 2014 Rick published Kidnap in Crete, the true story of the Abduction of a Nazi General. This is our subject today.

so it goes,

Tom Assheton & James Jackson

Route taken by PLF across Crete:

Rick Stroud latest book:

Reading: Kidnap in Crete by Rick Stroud

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