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Insurgent (Upheaval pt2 or 3)

75 minutes

rebel, rebel

1.Intro 2. Soft Underbelly 3.An Old Profession 4. US Civil War 5. Boer War 6. Latin America 7. Lawrence of Arabia 8. World War 2 9. Cold War 10. Afghanistan 11. What have we learnt PS Ukraine

As this podcast demonstrates, Insurgency is one of the world’s oldest professions. It is a chance for the oppressed or the invaded to push back, to challenge the larger force with unconventional and guerrilla tactics. Whether assassination or ambush, punji stakes or IEDs, the Insurgent has many tricks and answers to the larger enemy. The Chinese strategist Tzu Su argued it was a key aspect of warfare, and today it is as relevant as it ever was. Spartacus used such methods, as did TE Lawrence. Indeed, even Lawrence’s approach to demolishing bridges – leaving them upright but destroyed – is a formula adopted by Ukraine when attacking the Kerch Strait bridge in Crimea.

The indirect approach and keeping the enemy off balance; Insurgency embraces it all.

so it goes,

Tom Assheton and James Jackson


Reportage by TE Lawrence, Sep 1918

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