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I.E.D. part 1 - The Infantry Soldier

73 minutes

Improvised Explosive Device - I.E.D

1. Harry Parker - background 2. The Soldier – his story 3. His book – Anatomy of a Soldier 3a. 1st reading @ 27.17 3b. 2nd reading @ 34.02 4. I.E.D. 4. Lessons for today and tomorrow

An interview with ex-soldier, Harry Parker, who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Harry talks about his experience as an officer in the Rifles, having to deal every day with the dangers of operating in a hostile environment, especially when the enemy are fighting an asymmetrical war using I.E.D.s to injury and kill.

A raw and deeply moving account that sheds light on aspects of both warfare and human behaviour. Something that so few of us will ever know.

So it goes,

Tom Assheton & James Jackson

[email protected]

Reading reference:

Anatomy of a Soldier by Harry Parker

See also:

YouTube: BloodyViolentHistory

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