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Gun Boat Warriors and Secret Agents - 15th MGB Flotilla with Colonel Tim Spicer

66 minutes

A Dangerous Enterprise

Today we talk about a subject close to our hearts on this show – what happens when the Brits get in touch with their inner pirate. To help me I am joined by Colonel Tim Spicer OBE. Tim had an illustrious career in the army, including commanding his Regiment, the 1st Battalion Scots Guards. He then had 20 years running Private Military Security businesses; founding both Sandline International and Aegis Defence Services. He has published ‘A Dangerous Enterprise: Secret War at Sea'. It is a brilliant example of a few brave men, at great odds to themselves, making an important and vital difference to the prosecution of the war against Nazi Germany.

so it goes,

Tom Assheton & James Jackson

A Dangerous Enterprise, Secret War at Sea by Col. Tim Spicer OBE

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