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Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant

1. Intro 2. Famous gladiators 3. Allure of the gladiator 4. Types 5. Training 6. Gladiatorial spectacular p.s. Mandingo

Gladiators have intruded on the public consciousness for two millennia. Fuelled by books and movies. Yet the truth behind them all is often more vivid and brutal than fiction could ever convey. Training was hard, specialised skills were prized, and the spectacle was all. Bread and circuses. There were horsemen and charioteers, mock naval battles, and dramatic re-enactments of famous Roman victories. Blood was usually demanded. Around the Roman empire, amphitheatres were constructed to take this popular entertainment to the masses and to imprint Roman culture and values, and to carry Roman influence across the world.

Some gladiators became famous, some the lovers of society women, some led revolts or were used as bodyguards by emperors and generals under threat. With the Colosseum still standing and the remains of the gladiator school nearby, this era of history evokes powerful emotions and imaginings. It continues to fascinate to this day.

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Tom Assheton & James Jackson

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