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106 minutes

Over, through and under the wire ...

1. Inertia & Escape

2. The Wild, the Wacky and the Simple Plan

3. Organisation

4. Equipment

5. Killing Time

6. Technique

7. The Camps

8. Other escapes

ps - Lucky Escapes

Great Escapes have captured the imagination for generations. From the simplest adoption of disguise to the longest tunnels, both successful and failed attempts have entered the realm of legend. Everyone knows the WW2 tale of the Great Escape, yet far fewer remember the names of those who dug myriad escape tunnels to confound the Germans and try to reach home. Colditz and Stalag Luft III have been the subject of television and the big screen. But the real stories of boredom, fortitude, courage and starvation – and occasional death – give a picture that is more layered and complex than most now imagine. This is the story

So It Goes

Tom Assheton & James Jackson


Marcus Scriven interview with wartime POW Frank Day - 2 extracts

Counter Terrorism Handbook by James Jackson - extract

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