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Camouflage and Deception

69 minutes

Hidden in Plain Sight

Since pre-history, both hunters and fighters have relied upon camouflage and deception to both improve their chances of survival and success in attacking their enemy. Caesar used ships with blue sails to disguise his reconnaissance of Britain, whilst a Chinese army used thousands of bonfires to suggest to their opponents that a vast army was deserting and becoming smaller every day. Right up to modern days camouflage and deception have been essential. During the Boer War, the guerrilla fighters lay under the soil with breathing reeds to escape British forces: in World War I, British snipers hid in hollowed out trees in No Man’s Land to fire on German positions.

Then there were the great deceptions, the dummy airfields and fake tanks prior to Normandy landings in 1944. Of course, sometimes neither deception nor camouflage work: Western intelligence quickly saw through Putin’s ruse in invading Ukraine. Yet there will always be a soldier lying with foliage covering his combat fatigues and there will always be strategists devising methods of throwing the enemy off the scent. Today, intelligent camouflage shields can replicate the surroundings and render positions invisible. And cyber space has created a sphere of disinformation and further confusion. It is a world constructed by layer upon layer of deception from the front line to the war room.

It has roots in the past and will extend into the future.

So It Goes

Tom Assheton & James Jackson

Reading Reference:

Macbeth by William Shakespeare read by David Hartley


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