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Our mission is simple. It is to make history come alive, to inform and provoke, and to encourage listeners to dig deeper and read more widely for themselves. As Mark Twain said:

History doesn’t repeat
itself, but it often rhymes

History is our hinterland, the past that influences our present and future. From Crossbows to Crosshairs, from Gunpowder to Gun-Running, we aim to cover a wide range of subjects. We hope that these Podcasts both illuminate and entertain and that you enjoy them as much as we do making them.

It will be Bloody, It will be Violent, It will be Fun.

Your Hosts

Tom Assheton

Tom Assheton

Tom was a soldier in his 20s, leaving the Household Cavalry as a Captain after 7 years’ service. Following a short farm-based career in the countryside, he returned to London and set up his own Cigar and Coffee business in Belgravia. He ran this for 20 plus years; selling his company in 2019. Throughout his life he has always enjoyed reading about and discussing history, both in the military field and in a wider context. As grandson of Sir Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris and having heard many firsthand accounts from both World Wars, his fascination for the past is profound. It is all of interest to someone who started his working life as a mortician’s assistant and now enjoys digging up the past.

James Jackson

James Jackson

Jamie is the author of numerous modern and historical thrillers including Treason, Pilgrim, Blood Rock, and Perdition. His non-fiction work includes The Counter Terrorist Handbook. He was a postgraduate in War Studies, a Defence and Political Risk analyst, and has written features for both national newspapers and defence and security publications. He is also a member of the Inner Temple. As a young teenager he climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza and, whether investigating Templar tunnels or Hospitaller sewage systems, he has retained a passion for exploring history.